Thursday, August 13, 2009

Road Trip: Day One - On to Napa

Today begins the first day of my road trip to Vancouver, Canada to visit Regent College, and thus also begins my accounting of the trip. The plan, as some of you know, is to make nightly posts about the progress and events of the trip.

I originally planned to leave with my friends on Sunday the 16th, but the best laid plans, as the say... My sister Joy got a job in gorgeous Napa Valley and needed to move up post haste. Since our road trip passed through that area, Joy asked if I could go up with her and help with moving. Thus, now I sit in my sister's new car, ridding up to Napa, starting out before even the sun rises to start its fay.

Once we (and the truck my dad is driving) arrive, I'll help her move in and then spend a couple of days relaxing in wine country. My friends Nate and Tyler are still leaving on the 16th and will meet me in Napa on Tuesday to continue our trip to Oregon and beyond... The infinite... Er, Canada that is.