Sunday, March 20, 2011

Theology: Not Even a Drop in the Pond

From Wikimedia Commons, by James Bromberge
This whole Love Wins fiasco has been quite frustrating for me. To see such key leaders in the Evangelical church accusing a man of heresy for his views on hell is absurd. I don't think there's a sensible view of orthodoxy under which anything Rob Bell is being accused of could be called heresy. Almost makes me want to be a Roman Catholic. To have a church with councils and bishops. A church where every tin pot bloke at the end of an unmarked street isn't the sole guardian of the Christian faith.

This also made something occur to me. Piper and his gang are acting like the publishing of this book will be the making or breaking of the Christian faith. What Rob Bell has said is some horrible heresy that strikes at the very root of the Christian faith.

And you know what? It won't even make a splash in the Roman Catholic Church. Or the Eastern Orthodox one for that matter. It will be a blip on the map of Christian history.