Thursday, October 21, 2010

What I learned... on NPR: Nutritious Nukes

As angry as I may be at NPR, I still greatly enjoy the show, and I learn quite a bit from it - sometimes what I learn are important issues, sometimes it's just fun information. So my first "What I learned..." is going to be about something I learned on NPR.

What I learned...

Surprisingly, and quite the opposite of what you'd expect, if you're going to cook veggies and you want to maintain their nutritional value, the best option is not boiling or even steaming, but... cooking them in the microwave.

Yes, the microwave is the best way to cook something.

Who knew?


  1. I knew that. Aunt Jean

  2. NPR came to the hospital years a go when I was cooking in the Planetree kitchen. They interviewed and filmed me but I don't know if it was ever aired.

  3. That's neat. You're a celebrity (maybe).

  4. This makes me very happy, because I've long cooked my veggies in my microwave for the sake of convenience and long wondered (with some dread) if I was utterly destroying their nutritional value. This allays my fears.

  5. Glad I could allay your fears.

    Of course, they're still radioactive... :P