Sunday, March 28, 2010

Writing: Some Poetry

Been a while since I've posted anything up here, but today I got struck randomly with an idea for a free form poem, and wrote it in the warm, lazy hours of the afternoon. I used to write a lot of poetry back in the day, but have been off of it for several years (with one exception). Nevertheless, I'm pretty happy with this one. I named this "Part One" because at some point I want to write one about the beauty of silence (this one is about its terror).

Silence, Part One

In the rift between the silence of your words
The blasting roar of ocean waves
Fills the gap between the stillness of your voice
With the pealing of a thunderous night

I ache to flee the booming madness
Of the breach between the quiet of your words
To find the light serenity,
Nuzzled in the comfort of your voice