Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life: Dang Furries

I recently finished my first playthrough of Mass Effect 2. I’ve long been a fan of Bioware (almost every single one of their games is on my “favorites of all time” list) and the Mass Effect series is one of their best. Anyway, among the companions available in the Mass Effect games is an alien girl by the name of Tali’Zorah, she’s one of my favorite characters in both games, I was glad she was a romance option in the second game (I won’t lie, I shipped for Tali in game). But this… this is just creepy…

…really, really creepy.

From the official Mass Effect 2 forums Tali Fan Thread:
We often speak of Tali and our fan enthusiasm towards her as though it
were a sect; the truth may not be too far off that description. Stated
in short, concise terms: We've become a movement. Each day the
self-declared "Talimancers" return, many of us familiar faces and some
new. Our exuberance and devotion to this place does not appear to be
dimming as the days go by - quite the contrary. And it is not because
of this place. No, it's because of what has been unleashed by the
creation of Tali'Zorah vas Normandy as a character. I trust we are all
painfully aware that she is not a living, breathing entity as we have
come to understand such. She has become an ideal; her spirit has
awakened something that has lain dormant deep inside many of us - each
of us either secretly aware that we craved something or perhaps going
through our daily routines unsure how to place our fingertips on it yet
instinctively aware that something is missing. Each of us share this
yearning to one degree or another and it is a shared commonality that
forges these bonds between us that have been strengthened over the past
few days. 

*involuntary shudder*

 P.S. I still hope she'll be a follower in Mass Effect 3 though

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  1. Hey,

    I also finished my first run through Mass Effect 2 (36 hours and 14 mins, level 29) with Avery Shepard (one of my two main characters from ME1).

    I was dangling Miranda and Jack as my love interests and then Tali came out of nowhere and kind of won me over. I found her a bit annoying in the first game but she stepped up to the plate in part 2 and was glad I ended up 'shipping' with her, so to speak. It made the romantic tension of the game high which was nice.

    My favorite character from the first game was Garrus and thankfully he came back so he is a must in all my groups. If I have a choice, I go with the SR1 crew and go Garrus/Tali though i wish Anderson was an option.

    Anyways, the above was a bit creepy. I can understand digging Miranda because she actually looks like the actress (from Chuck) that plays her. . .but TALI???? She's probably the most alien of the chicks. . .oh well. . .though it made me shudder as well, I've seen worse for stranger characters.