Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Life: Busy, Busy, Much Much Too Busy

If anyone actually reads this blog, they might have noticed that there's been a huge lapse in the number of posts over the last few months. I have, I'm afraid, been utterly unable to find the time to do any writing as between a very busy school schedule, a very busy work training schedule and church I have almost nothing remotely resembling time. This business has caused me to neglect several things I had hoped to make priorities, such as writing my novel and working on this blog. While not dying down, things have begun to stabilize and so I now have time to slip some of those things back into the cracks. Unfortunately, there still isn't time for everything and so we come to the point of this post. For the immediate future, I'm officially putting a hold on this blog. One day I will begin to post again, but it will be some time from now. Have a great time everyone, and God Bless.